EMUE design Inc. handles everything from design to construction of clinics, restaurants, salons, homes, new interiors, and renovations. In addition, we work with partners to design signage, various exhibitions, conferences, events, booth design, operation management, web production, graphic design logos, pamphlets, business cards, and other related works. Our team of experts in various fields provides space planning. We provide high-quality design at a reasonable price by coordinating the necessary departments according to the client’s requests and requirements.


Our design department accepts one-stop design from brand consulting in interior design and construction of clinics, restaurants, stores, salons, offices, housing (new construction/renovation), renovation of condominiums, signboard design construction, furniture design, graphic design such as various sales promotion items, and web production.

Our exhibition department handles booth design, operation, and construction management assistance for domestic and overseas exhibitions and academic conferences in English, as well as support for overseas exhibitors through the creation of manuals.

Our wedding department organizes garden weddings with local partners, local tours, and various arrangements for each pair.

Feel free to contact us.


Architectural design, interior design, spatial design

Property type:
Various clinics, shops, restaurants, salons, new housing construction, interior design, renovation

Customizable according to your demands

We offer fair prices and shorten the delivery time by collectively providing interior design and graphic design, and plan for various clinics, restaurants, new housing, construction, signboard, and graphic design. In addition, a full-time designer will be responsible for all tasks from meeting to handover.

New construction, design, interior only, interior advice to furniture design, regardless of property size. Feel free to contact us first.

We will work with you to devise the best plan for your budget.

Ours construction


Ours construction

Property type:
new construction, interior decoration, general renovation

Excellent design and construction methods are important, but a building that can respond to various situations is also an essential element. We form a team with a construction company with a wealth of construction examples, knowledge, and experience to create thorough and reliable quality. Signboard design and construction

Signboard design and construction

Property type:
Large to small signboards, movable type, facade, exhibition booth, stage decoration, sheet printing, NOREN (shop curtain), Etc.

Together with the high-quality techniques of artisans from a long-established signboard production company, we will create designs that suit each space.

We will have a direct meeting with the artisan from the material proposal and carefully propose and produce each one according to various scenes.

Graphic design

Property type:
Logos, pamphlets, catalogs, posters, cards, flyers package design, business cards

Planning and production related to various designs, from logo creation to business cards, flyers, posters, and pamphlets for restaurants and commercial spaces, graphic design for walls, from the proposal of materials to design and printing. Total options available. We offer a wide range of consultations, from wall design for luxury hotels to renovating current logos and new restaurant opening sets.

Medical society and Exhibition and Event

We provide comprehensive support for exhibitions in Japan and overseas, including English support for the secretariat and construction secretariat, booth design, design, and construction.

We manage medical conferences and corporate events, design, set up, and operate exhibition booths, and produce the necessary materials (Japanese and English available). Regardless of the type, don’t hesitate to contact us first.

CG design and Production

Property type:
Interior/exterior perspective/drawing construction perspective/CG perspective production/VR/virtual space production/2D drawing CAD tracing, layout drawing/floor plan/development drawing

We produce exterior and interior CG perspectives for detached houses, offices, condominiums, stores, and commercial facilities. We create simple CG perspectives for presentations, high-quality CG perspectives used for advertisements, and architectural CG perspectives (presentation perspectives, sales promotion perspectives).

CG perspectives that pursue texture expression. Hand-drawn perspectives convey the image. We support the Production of essential tools for presentations, such as CG animation and architectural models. We also produce walk-through videos and CG animations.

WEB design

Property type: Web design, production, operation, SEO measures, virtual exhibitions, video production Digital catalogs, search systems, update systems, photography, web marketing, maintenance support

We support the design, production, and operation of the homepage.

Please leave everything from new products to renewal and SEO consultation, such as search measures. The web page is the entrance to the user and the face of the customer. We carefully listen to the customer’s image, view of the world, and the message they want to convey and incorporate it into the design. We will respond to various requests, such as creating a new website for new products/services or stores, making it easier to see, or improving the image.

Hawaii Wedding

Property type: Garden weddings, original weddings, optional tour arrangements

Focused on garden weddings, planners and professional designers with a wealth of experience in weddings in various locations will design original weddings together with local partner teams.

From proposals for honeymoon trips for two to optional tours for families, we propose planning exclusively for the two of you.